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How do you get started in open or select team creation?

What is the differecnce in draft and open?

Getting started is an easy 5 step process to create a select/open team! Draft players, T-Ball and 6U do not have to complete these steps.  FYB handles these for the coaches. 6U/7U can register and play on their own in other tournements.

Step 1: Team Age & Starting Classification

USSSA offers baseball for ages 4U - 18U in single age divisions. The age of your team is determined by the age of your oldest player. The age cut off date is May 1st. To calculate the legal participation age for a player, click here. For the fall / winter season, players play up to the age they will be the following spring / summer. Now that you know the correct age of your team, it's time to determine your "starting" classification. USSSA Baseball is the only association that successfully offers four (4) levels of play (i.e.; Major, Triple-A, Double-A, Single-A). To determine your team’s "starting" point, click here and review the USSSA Baseball classification guidelines. Keep in mind, pursuant to USSSA Rules, the State Office will monitor each teams performance and can classify and reclassify any team at any time. Comment: Review the classification guidelines outlined on this web site. If in doubt, choose the next higher classification.

Step 2: Create Login ID & Password

USSSA team managers are required to create a Login ID & Password for use within the web site system. Your Login ID & Password will be needed to access your team’s USSSA web page, to register your team, complete and / or edit your online roster, enter tournaments, etc. If you have coached teams in USSSA before and still have your Login ID & Password,click here. To begin creating a new Login ID & Password, click here. Complete the required fields including a valid email address and password and click the SUBMIT button, you now have your Login ID & Password. Comment: Make sure the sport listed above the blue left margin menu is “BASEBALL”, if not; use the drop down window to change.

Step 3: Create & Register Team

All USSSA teams are required to register annually with the Association. Team registration is valid from August 1st - July 31st. To create and register your team, Enter your Login ID & Password and click the ENTER button at the USSSA Baseball site.  You are now at the Team Manager Menu, select the third option at the top, “Create Baseball Team”. You will be required to fill in your Complete Team Name, Team City, Team State and Class Requested, click the SUBMIT button. You have now created your team but you MUST still register the team. With a credit card, click on the gray button in the yellow box at the top of the screen and enter your credit card information. Once registered, you’ll see your new team listed on the Team Manager Menu with your Team Registration Number and you’ll be ready to complete your USSSA Online Roster. USSSA Baseball does not charge an Individual Player Registration fee. Comment: No team will be allowed to play in any USSSA event without registering with the Association and completing an Online Roster in advance of taking the field of play!

Step 4: Complete Online Roster

All USSSA teams are required to have their roster on-line in the web site system before they play. It’s a quick and simple process. To begin entering your roster data, Enter your Login ID and Password and click the ENTER button at the USSSA baseball site. You are now at the Team Manager Menu. Make sure your current year team is highlighted and click on the ROSTER ADDS & UPDATES link below the dialogue box. Read and Agree to the USSSA Roster Manager Affidavit. Follow the directions at the top of the page to enter each player's personal data. Only enter each player's LEGAL FIRST & LAST NAMESas they appear on the Birth Certificates. DO NOT include middle names, nick names, shortened names, slang names, initials, prefixes or suffixes (i.e.; Jr., II, III, etc.)...ONLY the LEAGAL first and last names. After entering all your player's personal data, click on the VIEW TEAM button to verify the entered information. Once satisfied with all players, click the PRINTABLE ROSTER button to print your on-line roster. A parent of each minor aged player must sign the roster on the same line as their child’s name. Players 18 years of age and older must sign the roster themselves. The team Manager must sign the bottom of the roster. This is now your Official USSSA Online Roster. This is the only official roster USSSA will recognize. Make copies for safe keeping and always, always, always have one on hand along with your player's Birth Certificates in case of a protest.

Step 5: Team Insurance 

USSSA does not require teams to purchase USSSA Team Insurance. Teams are however, required to carry General Liability coverage in the amount of $2,000,000.00 and Medical (Secondary Medical) coverage in the amount of $100,000.00 from a reputable provider. Comment:Teams should never take the field without General Liability coverage of at least $2,000,000.00 and Medical coverage of at least $100,000.00. The USSSA policy covers all team personnel including players, coaches, volunteers and bat boys / girls for games, practices, team meetings, banquets and even fundraisers; it also covers legal defense expenses. In addition, the policy also includes sports accident medical coverage. With the GREAT RATES for USSSA Team Insurance, why would you even consider taking a chance? To download a USSSA Team Insurance Brochure, click here.

What is the difference: Draft team or Open/select team

Here at FYB the difference is in how the teams are put together by the managers. 

Big differences: 

Draft divisions are allowed four coach freezes of players and then draft the remaining players for the team.  Second year teams are allowed additional returning players to the team if they meet age requirements.  All players not on a team, will try-out.  There is a draft day for the mangers to draft their teams. The league provides team insurance, jerseys and caps to the players. 

Open/select teams bring their own players. The team pays a set amount to the league for games and the team provides their own uniform, USSSA registration, and insurance. These teams are formed by private tryouts or invites by the managers.  Teams in this division are placed into subdivisions based USSSA  rankings from previous seasons. AA, AAA, minor or Majors. These are assigned by the directors at local, regional or state levels based on tournament wins/losses.  Team Managers will vote to determine the number of league games played during the season.  

Difference in each age: 

T-Ball (4U): These teams are put together by friends or the league. This is a pure learning the basics division.  There is no score kept and the entire team plays offense and defense.  

6U Coach Pitch: This is a hybrid league.  All players will register as a draft player.  If you already have a team please put the manager's name andn team name if known when prompted. Teams may bring a full roster of players, a partial roster or a couple of players.  Depending on the age and number of players on each roster we will divide into divisions.  We work to keep this division competitive by grouping the teams by age and number of players on each team. One of the leagues will be a draft league where players are placed on teams.  There is no try-out or draft for this league.  The league is coach pitcher and adult catcher for all games.  

8U Coach Pitch is also a coach pitch except the pitch is overhand and from the mound. This is the age where draft and open/select are registered differently. The FYB board has chosen coach pitching in lieu of machine pitch to help the player develop a sense of how the ball moves with a pitcher's arm movement.  This also allows for more hits and an exciting game for offense, defense and parents.

10U is where the excitement begins.  The kids start pitching and stealing starts. There are different rules for draft and open/select divisions.

12U is full baseball.   

14U is a hybrid league.  Managers may register a full team.  Individual players can register for the draft and participate in try-outs.  Open and draft teams historically play each other.  We may group them into separate divisions if needed.

One thing common in all divisions during league games or end of season play is all teams bat the whole lineup of all players in the dugout and each plays at least 2 defensive innings.

We hope this helps!

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